Mr. Kallyan Chakravorty - CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER
An alumni of the National Defence Academy, Kallyan was a commissioned officer in the Indian Army from 1980 to 1990. He started his corporate career form 1990 and is most experienced in General Management including people and finances to run mega projects. An entrepreneur in his own capacity, he held senior positions in many Multinationals across the world dealing in Logistics, Shipping, Infrastructure Development and International Trading. He brings on board 24 years of cross cultural experience in business management and providing business leadership across many verticals, including supporting United Nations and US Govt. entities in Africa and the Middle East and as Senior Executives in Maersk Logistics Tanzania Ltd, Tibbett& Britten Nigeria Ltd, Skylink Aviation Inc, Canada, CEO of WSI Inc and others.
His Key Focus Areas are:
Forming Strategic Alliances and Partnerships for New Initiatives.
Identifying and Providing Leadership for new Business opportunities.
Consolidate and expand existing business opportunities.

Mr. Kriti Chakravorty - MANAGING DIRECTOR
A graduate from the University of Texas at Austin and the McCombs Business School, Kriti’ international exposure and entrepreneurial spirit is the driving force behind our organization. His understanding of different work cultures, experience in cross cultural communications and ability to adapt provide the company the tools for a seamless transition and integration of projects. Highly motivated, enthusiastic and innovative, he strives to capture the best business practices from different work cultures and implement them in our company, bringing to it a level of professionalism and quality of work that surpasses our competition.

Mr. Henry E. Wilkins – DIRECTOR MyAppleNinja LLC
A graduate magna cum laude with a Bachelors of Science degree in criminal justice from New York Institute of Technology, Administrative Officers School, Southern Police Institute, University of Louisville and the “Managing Government in Florida” program at Florida State University. A wall street financial adviser and individual consultant, Henry Wilkins is currently the President of WSI Group International LLC and Limitada, Prior to this he was President of World Security Initiatives (WSI). A businessman of repute having been selected “Florida Businessman of the year 2005” He has a wealth of experience in management, law enforcement, and international affairs. His served as a chief of Training for the UN Police Mission, in the United Nations post-conflict peacekeeping operation in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1997. His experience in managing business units in most difficult turfs around the world gives a viable credence to his leadership in MyAppleNinja LLC a division of KSK Informatics Pvt Ltd.

Mr. Barry McDaniel – DIRECTOR My AppleNinja LLC
He is CEO of WSI Group International (WSI) and was the CEO/President of GST and LS2, with over 37 year experience in Government and Private industry he has proven expertise in providing logistical service and construction solutions on most post conflict areas of the world including Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. He served as a Senior Executive with the US Government in DOD and as an executive in private small, medium and large companies. He has demonstrated experience in startup initiatives, business operations, financial and administrative management, setting up policies and procedures, project management controls/techniques, and business development. As Director of Lockheed Martin he was instrumental in M&A initiative of the company. Barry’s vast corporate knowledge and experience drives the seamless operations of My AppleNinja LLC.

Mr. Sumantra Sen
Co-founder and Managing Director of Transnational Business Solutions based in New York. During his twenty three years of industry experience, he has successfully completed several projects and consulting assignments with emphasis on development of multinational business partnerships.
Sumantra has a special interest in emerging markets and his key areas of focus are:
Business strategy
New business initiatives
Partnership and alliances
An expert in startup managements, International M&A initiatives, capability sourcing supply chain and distribution of packaged goods, Mr. Sen has worked with multinational companies like Mobil Oil, Cummins Power, Invensys and Lazard. As a former CEO, he has a successful track record in Operational Innovations, Marketing, Team Building and Mentoring and Strategic Planning in India, Germany, UK and USA. Mr. Sen’s unique expertise however, is in capability sourcing to Asia.
An engineer by training, Mr. Sen has also obtained a Masters degree in Business Administration from a premium business school in India. Sumantra’s expertise and deep business insights continues to support the growth of KSK Informatics Pvt Ltd in all its ventures.